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Hello everyone, my name is Charlie Trughe. I am going to share my knowledge about podiatrists on this site. When I was growing up, I always took on physical jobs that required the use of steel-toed boots. My relatively low income kept me from buying the high-end boots with loads of cushioning. The boots I could afford tore up my feet and left me in pain every night. My podiatrist helped me treat the abrasions and soreness caused by the boots. I learned how to wrap my feet to keep the damage to a minimum during the workday. My site will cover those techniques and more to help others keep their feet in great shape. Thanks for visiting.

4 Things Runners Need To Know About Ankle Sprains

As an athlete, it may be your first instinct to push through ankle pain to reach your training goals. However, if the cause of your pain is a sprained ankle, continuing to run on your sore ankle can cause further injury. Here are four things runners need to know about...