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Take A Step In The Right Direction: Ways To Prevent Plantar Fasciitis

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If you are more susceptible to developing the painful foot condition known as plantar fasciitis, then it's a good idea for you to educate yourself on things you can do to lessen the chances that you will develop it. By reading this article you will have a better understanding of the things that may make you at a higher risk, what you can do to decrease those risks and things you can do to help with pain if you do find yourself dealing with plantar fasciitis.

Carrying extra weight

The more weight you put on your feet, the more at risk you will be of developing problems with your feet, with plantar fasciitis being one of those problems. Losing the extra weight will bring down those risks.

Until you are able to shed those pounds, you should make sure you wear shoes that properly support your arches and do exercises that don't include you spending a lot of time on them. For example, instead of walking you may want to spend time on a recumbent bike or swimming.

Standing on your feet for long periods of time

Standing on your feet for a prolonged amount of time will put an increased amount of pressure on the plantar fascia and this can lead to problems with it. It can become inflamed or even get pulled, both of which are causes of plantar fasciitis.

If you have to spend a lot of time on your feet do to your job, you need to wear supportive shoes, but you should also take other steps to prevent problems. Have a stool next to you and use it to rest your feet any time you can.  Instead of standing still, try rocking back and forth so you give each foot a little bit of rest and you apply pressure to different areas instead of just one.

Walking or running on hard surfaces

Walking or running on a hard street, sidewalk or other surface will also increase the likeliness of you developing a problem.

Along with wearing supportive and appropriate walking or running shoes, you should also choose a softer area to go on your walks or runs. Wilderness trails, low cut grass and soft dirt roads are a few examples of surfaces that will be a bit easier on your feet.

Dealing with the pain

If you do begin experiencing pain from plantar fasciitis, then you want to start each morning off with a foot rub before you even get out of bed. Also, keep frozen water bottles in your freezer and use them under your feet to get some relief.

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