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Visiting A Podiatrist For Your Lower Body Joint Pain

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If you are experiencing lower back pain, knee pain, hip pain, or any other lower joint pain, you could have a serious problem with your feet. Many people do not think about their feet when they are experiencing other kinds of pain. The truth is that you may be experiencing the pain because your feet are not supported like they need to be. Visiting with a podiatrist may solve a lot of the mystery of the lower body pain. If you have been experiencing a lot of lower body pain, do yourself a favor and visit with a podiatrist. Here are three things you can expect from a podiatrist visit.


One of the first things that a podiatrist is going to have you do is walk. This may sound a little bit funny, but a podiatrist is going to be able to get a lot of information from the way that you walk. Many people have foot problems and so their body tries to make it easier on the feet by walking a certain way. When you change your gait to accommodate foot pain, the other joints in your lower body start taking the impact. When you walk, the podiatrist is going to be able to notice anything that is out of the ordinary. 

Foot Examination

The doctor is also going to want to look very closely at your feet. The doctor is going to have you stand on a specific machine that tells you exactly where all the pressure is when you stand. Then the podiatrist will inspect your feet very closely. The doctor is going to be looking for any sign of strained feet. Often the arch of your foot is going to be the focus of a lot of his or her attention. When you walk, the tendons in your feet are stretched out. This can cause a lot of pain if you do not have the right support. 

Custom Orthotics

When the podiatrist meets with you, he or she will develop some custom orthotics to help give your feet the support that they need. It is important to know that the custom orthotics might make your feet sore for the first week, but once your feet grow accustomed to the orthotics, you will start to notice that you have considerably less lower joint pain. Custom orthotics are something that should probably be as common as eye glasses.