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3 Tips To Protect Your Ankles During A Marathon

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If you are getting ready to participate in a marathon, you are probably worried about a lot of things. You are probably hoping that you will not have any problems with going the distance, and you might have certain goals that you would like to achieve. You probably also want to make sure that you don't get injured along the way. For example, you could be worried about your ankles. Luckily, if you follow these tips, you can help ensure that your ankles are protected during a marathon.

1. Make Sure That You Train Properly

Training properly in the days, weeks and even months leading up to the marathon is important if you would like to avoid injury. Making sure that you build up your endurance slowly but surely while you're training and avoiding overdoing it can have a big impact. During your training sessions, if you find that you experience any type of pain in your ankles, make sure that you address the problem by resting and potentially seeing a sports podiatrist. This can help you ensure that you're ready for the marathon and can help you avoid long-term damage.

2. Stretch

When you arrive at the marathon, you might be ready to get started as soon as possible. However, it's critical to make sure that you prepare your body first. Taking the time to properly stretch can make a huge difference. Not only can this help you prevent injuries to your ankles, but it can help you ensure that you don't pull any other muscles in your body as well. This can help you perform at your best and avoid any injuries.

3. Don't Be Afraid to Slow Down or Stop

When you're participating in the marathon, you will probably have your mind set on doing the best that you can. Of course, this is admirable, but you shouldn't put your ankles or any other part of your body at risk. It can be easy to want to "tough it out" if you find yourself dealing with ankle pain, but doing so can cause long-term damage if you aren't careful. Therefore, if you find that your ankles start hurting while you're participating, don't be afraid to either slow down for a while or stop completely, if necessary. You can always run in another marathon later, and doing so can be a better course of action than seriously injuring yourself in the marathon that you are currently participating in.

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