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Heel Pain That Doesn't Go Away

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Heel pain can be annoying to deal with when you have no choice but to walk everyday because of the type of lifestyle you have. Walking can naturally cause heel pain, but it usually goes away in a short period of time, such as after relaxing your feet for a while. When heel pain begins to get worse and you are unable to get relief no matter how hard you try, it is a sign that help from a podiatrist is needed. There might be something wrong that requires surgery or some other form of professional treatment before the problem becomes worse. The information below will give you a general idea of why your heel is hurting and what can be done to treat it.

The Importance of Treating Heel Pain

You must not ignore your heel pain if it continues to get worse. The reason why is because it can cause a lot of problems in your life, especially when it comes to walking. For instance, if you don't seek treatment, heel pain can lead to you walking in an abnormal manner, such as with a limp. You might also have to walk at a slower pace due to the amount of pain that you are experiencing. In the worst case scenario, severe heel pain can lead to you not being able to walk altogether.

Why Heel Pain Might Develop

There are numerous conditions that can lead to the development of heel pain, which is why a professional diagnosis by a podiatrist is in your best interest. There is the possibility that the pain stems from you accidentally fracturing you're the bone in your heel. A fracture means that you have a broken bone that is in need of immediate attention from a professional. The bone can break even more if you fail to seek treatment soon enough. Other reasons for heel pain includes sprains, plantar fasciitis, spurs, arthritis, and several other conditions. 

How a Podiatrist Can Help You Find Relief

How your heel pain is treated depends on what caused it to develop in the first place. You might be told to simple take some time off from work and stay off of your feet for a while. Physical therapy is one of the other ways that heel pain can be healed. Anti-inflammatory drugs, surgery, or other treatment methods might be necessary. You might even need to undergo more than one form of treatment to get rid of the pain.