Talking About Foot Care

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Possible Tests And Treatments For Foot Pain

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Many conditions cause foot pain. It might be from a medical problem such as diabetes or arthritis. An injury can cause inflammation and pain too. Injuries can be acute when caused by a fracture or torn tissue. Pain can also be a chronic condition that develops from wearing the wrong shoes or having an abnormal gait. Here are some ways a podiatrist diagnoses foot pain and some possible treatments that can help. Read More»

Proper Foot Care Helps Prevent Toenail Problems

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You probably don’t give your toenails much thought since they usually don’t give you any trouble. However, when you have a fungal infection in your nail or an ingrown toenail, you’re suddenly reminded of how much pain and discomfort they can cause if you don’t take care of them properly. Problems with toenails can often be prevented, and here are a few tips that help keep your toenails healthy and free of discomfort. Read More»

Heel Pain That Doesn't Go Away

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Heel pain can be annoying to deal with when you have no choice but to walk everyday because of the type of lifestyle you have. Walking can naturally cause heel pain, but it usually goes away in a short period of time, such as after relaxing your feet for a while. When heel pain begins to get worse and you are unable to get relief no matter how hard you try, it is a sign that help from a podiatrist is needed. Read More»